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Prime1jobs is a job portal that supports Singapore based companies.

We help fulfil the demand for Indian professional and technically trained resources that exist within Singapore companies. Moreover, Prime1jobs help Singapore based job seekers to get jobs with local companies.

Prime1jobs is operated from India by a team of job portal experts.

Prime1jobs is a database of jobs and candidates. Here you will find jobs for skilled, professional, overseas, and local Singapore based job seekers. And you’ll also find jobs for Indian construction work permit workers.

The portal will help the Singapore-based company's managers who want to create a team that includes Indian human resources.

We are proud to be a leading job portal for Indian construction work permit workers sourcing for the Singapore construction sector. Both Basic-Skilled (R2 level ) and Higher-Skilled (R1 level) construction workers.

We have developed four different job and candidate portals for Job Seekers and Singapore Employers to ensure that job seekers can achieve their career goals and employers can achieve their placement goals. These portals are

Job Seeker Portal - Portal to find constantly uploaded job postings by Singapore employers, across industries.

Construction Sector Job Seeker Portal - Where we post Singapore construction industry job vacancy for Indian national construction workers.

Employer Portal - This portal supports Singapore employers looking for suitable candidates from our database of job seekers. The job seekers are primarily from India. Singapore based job seeker’s profiles are also accessible in this portal.

Construction Sector Employer Portal - Exclusively designed for Indian national R2 and R1 level skilled construction workers to let prospective employers know that they are waiting to work in Singapore.

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