At Prime1jobs, we recognised the constant need for construction workers from India in Singapore, but we also understood that no one was taking the necessary
steps to professionally address this much-needed market. That is why, in 2010, Prime1jobs was founded by a team of recruitment experts in India.

Starting out (2010 – 2019)
Prime1jobs started as an employment agency. This meant that we took job vacancies from Singapore construction industry companies and found out the specific type of candidate these companies were looking for. We then matched the job vacancies with our network of Indian construction workers.

We would receive the specifications from Singapore construction industry companies either by phone or text and they would let us know what type of construction worker they were looking for. We would then communicate with our partner employment agencies and let them know what type of worker we were looking for. Because these local agencies are closely involved with these workers, they understood their expertise and their availability.

We would then analyse the profiles ourselves, ensure that the candidate met the needs of the client and forward the profile to the company. If there was a match between the two, Prime1jobs would arrange for the migration process from India to Singapore.

During this period we closely work alongside 500 different construction businesses in Singapore to help them find the right match for their job openings. This included construction businesses in all different sizes, from smaller construction companies to large ones. Needless to say, we developed quite reputation for our ability to provide Singaporean companies with the right type of employee.

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Our Vision
Prime1jobs’s vision is to become the primary job portal in India, to be the dedicated one-stop where Indian job seekers across all industries and categories can find the job that is right for them. This includes job opportunities in Singapore but also locally in India and across the globe.

Our Mission
Prime1jobs’s mission is to support Singapore businesses across various industries to effectively recruit necessary staff members while using their resources as effectively as possible.

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Moving forward (2019 and beyond)
Even though Prime1jobs was successful in what it offered, our sole focus was matching construction workers to Singapore construction businesses. This despite the fact that our reputation was growing beyond that. Many of the construction businesses that we worked with, and companies in other industries, asked us to expand our services. To move beyond simply matching construction workers and construction companies.

We understood that in just nine years, our reputation had transcended our offer. Our clients were asking us to evolve and offer technical and other Indian professionals for other industries. That is why the choice was made to diversify.

In order to offer broader appeal and a wider sense of community, the choice was made to transition towards a job portal. This allows both employers and job seekers to connect and find the job or candidate that is right for them.

Moving towards a job portal
By using the Prime1jobs job portal, an employer can post a vacancy and immediately find the desired candidates. They are able to move at their own pace. Those wanting to find a job are able to upload their profile or resume and find the job in Singapore that they have dreamt about. This lead to a new mission and vision for Prime1jobs.

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