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Posted On Job No. Job Title Skill Set Salary Range(S$)
Nov 13 2020 CJN1026 ACMV Project Manager Sub contractors Jobs,Consultants Jobs,Main Contractor Jobs, Project Manager Jobs 43 daily
Nov 12 2020 CJN1023 Architectural Foreman Architectural Engineering Jobs,Project management Jobs,Subcontractors Jobs,Architectural design job,Architectural Foreman Jobs 41 daily
Nov 11 2020 CJN1021 Tunnel Engineer Tunnel Supervisor Jobs,Tunnel Engineer Jobs,Tunnelling works,Tunnel Manager Jobs 42 daily
Nov 10 2020 CJN1020 Production Supervisor Production Engineer Jobs,Production Incharge Jobs,Production Management Jobs,Production Operation Jobs,Production Supervisor Jobs,Production executive Jobs 2600 monthly
Nov 09 2020 CJN1019 CONSTRUCTION SITE COORDINATOR Construction Jobs,Construction site works,Construction Site Supervisor Jobs,Construction Site Coordinator Jobs,Construction Site SafetyJobs 46 daily
Nov 07 2020 CJN1015 UTILITIES ENGINEER Sub contractors Jobs,Consultant Jobs,Utilities Engineer Jobs, technical coordination Jobs, reinstatement work 45 daily
Nov 06 2020 CJN1013 CAD Drafter (Civil, Structural) Civil Draftsman Jobs,Structural Designing Jobs,CAD Drawing Jobs,2D Drawing Jobs,Building Projects Jobs,Infrastructure Projects Jobs 43 daily
Oct 30 2020 CJN1009 Senior BIM Coordinator Autocad Jobs,Bim Modeller Jobs,Bim Coordinator Jobs,3D Drawing Jobs,2D Drawing Jobs,BIM Drafter Jobs 2800 monthly
Oct 29 2020 CJN1003 Senior CAD Designer cum Project Coordinator CAD Jobs,Project Coordinator Jobs,CAD Drawing Jobs,CAD Designer Jobs,Senior CAD Designer Jobs 2900 monthly
Oct 28 2020 CJN1001 Senior Technical Engineer Senior accountant Jobs,senior Accounts Manager Jobs,Senior Engineer Jobs,Senior Manager Jobs,senior project manager Jobs,Senior Technical Engineer Jobs 2700 monthly
Oct 27 2020 CCJN1000 Project Executive (Construction Renovation) CAD Jobs,Project Assistance Jobs,Project Co ordinating Jobs,project executive Jobs,Troubleshooting Jobs,3D Drawing Jobs 46 daily
Oct 23 2020 CJN999 Project Planner cum Coordinator Project Assistance Jobs,Project Co ordinating Jobs,Project management Jobs,Project administrative Jobs,Project Planner Jobs 42 daily
Oct 22 2020 CCJN992 CADS DRAFTSMAN CAD Jobs,cad draftsman Jobs,cad operator Jobs,CAD Drawing Jobs,Cad Drafter Jobs 40 daily
Oct 21 2020 CCJN991 Plant Operator Plant Maintenance Jobs,Plant Operator Jobs,Plant Supervision Jobs,Repaired and maintenance Jobs,Troubleshooting Jobs 41 daily
Oct 20 2020 CCJN987 LIFTING ENGINEER Lift Technician Jobs,Lifting Superintendent,Lifting Engineer Jobs,Lifting Supervisor Jobs,Lifting and Rigging Procedure and Standards Jobs,Lifting operations Jobs,Lifting Jobs 44 daily
Oct 19 2020 CCJN986 ASSISTANT PROJECT MANAGER (Construction) Assistant Engineer Jobs,Assistant Technician Jobs,Assistant Project Manager Jobs 46 daily
Oct 12 2020 CJN976 Project Executive, Workplace Development project coordination Jobs,project executive Jobs,Consultants Jobs,Document management Jobs,Project documentation Jobs 44 daily
Oct 08 2020 CJN969 STRUCTURAL CHECKER Coordinating Jobs,Structural Designing Jobs,Structural Engineer Jobs,structure steel Jobs,Subcontractors Jobs,STRUCTURAL CHECKER Jobs 43 daily
Oct 08 2020 CJN968 Senior Civil & Structural Design Engineer Senior Engineer Jobs,Structural Designing Jobs,structural engineering Jobs,Senior Civil Engineer Jobs 2700 monthly
Oct 07 2020 CJN967 Land Surveyor Land Surveyor Jobs,Measurement Jobs,Drawing Jobs,Surveyors Jobs,organize Jobs 41 daily
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