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Posted On Job No. Job Title Skill Set Salary Range(S$)
Oct 07 2020 CJN966 Cad Draftsperson Auto CAD Jobs,CAD Jobs,Coordinating Jobs,Documentation Jobs,Draftsman Jobs,Draftsperson Jobs, Drawing Jobs 44 daily
Oct 06 2020 CCJN962 Executive Engineer (C&S) Executive Site Engineer Jobs,designing Jobs,Documentation Jobs,Senior Engineer Jobs,Drawing Jobs 45 daily
Oct 05 2020 CJN961 Project Engineer cum Coordinator Project Engineer Jobs,Project Co ordinating Jobs,project analyst Jobs,project assistant Jobs,Project Execution Jobs,Project Engineer cum Coordinator Jobs 44 daily
Oct 05 2020 CJN960 JUNIOR PROJECT ENGINEER project analyst Jobs,project assistant Jobs,Project Co ordinating Jobs,Project Engineer Jobs,Project management Jobs 43 daily
Oct 01 2020 CJN956 Steel Structural Engineer steel structural Jobs,Coordinating Jobs,Steel Design Jobs,Steel Structural Engineer Jobs,steel structural Work 42 daily
Oct 01 2020 CJN955 Construction Site Supervisor Site Supervisor Jobs,Site Engineering Jobs,Site Incharge Jobs,site management Jobs,Construction Site Supervisor Jobs 2700 monthly
Aug 31 2020 CJN923 C&S Drafter drafter Jobs,Auto CAD Jobs,Civil Construction Jobs,Structural Engineer Jobs,Bim Modeller Jobs,Design drawings Jobs 43 daily
Aug 31 2020 CJN922 Piping Supervisor Drawing Jobs,Installation Jobs,Fabrication Jobs,Piping Engineer Jobs,Piping Supervisor Jobs 2600 monthly
Aug 31 2020 CJN921 Quantity Surveyor cum Drafter drafter Jobs,Quantitative Analysis Jobs,quantity surveying Jobs,Drawing Jobs,Subcontractors Jobs,Waterproofing Jobs 41 daily
Aug 31 2020 CJN920 Project Coordinator project analyst Jobs,project assistant Jobs,Project Coordinator Jobs,Project Engineer Jobs,Project Execution Jobs 42 daily
Aug 31 2020 CJN919 Site Engineer (Construction) Site Engineer Jobs,Site Incharge Jobs,Site Supervisor Jobs,Subcontractors Jobs,Site Coordinating Jobs 40 daily
Aug 29 2020 CJN915 Senior Electrical Engineer Electrical Wiring Jobs,Electrical installation Jobs,Electrical Operations Jobs,Electrical Maintenance Jobs,Electrical troubleshooting Jobs,Electrical Engineering Jobs 2500 monthly
Aug 29 2020 CJN914 Lift Specialist/Supervisor (Elevator) Lift Technician Jobs,Lifting Supervisor Jobs,Lift Installer Jobs,Lift Elevator Jobs,Lifting Engineer Jobs,Lifting operations Jobs,lift and escalator Jobs 2600 monthly
Aug 29 2020 CJN913 M&E Coordinator Electrical Jobs,Plumbing Jobs,Sanitary Engineering Jobs, Architectural Coordinators Jobs,M&E coordination drawings Jobs,Specifications Jobs,Technical Jobs,Engineering jobs 43 daily
Aug 29 2020 CJN912 Electrician Electrician Jobs,Electrical installation Jobs,Electrical Wiring Jobs,Electrical Maintenance Jobs,Electrical Operations Jobs,Electrical troubleshooting Jobs,Electrical Engineering Jobs 42 daily
Aug 29 2020 CJN911 INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEER Instrumentation Engineering Jobs,Instrument Technician Jobs,Instrument Fitter Jobs,Instrument & Control Automation Jobs,instrumentation installation Jobs 40 daily
Aug 28 2020 CCJN907 Furniture Coordinator Furniture Coordinator Jobs,CAD Jobs,CAD Drawing Jobs,Furniture Designing Jobs,Furniture carpentry work,Carpenter and scaffolder working,Carpentry drawings Jobs,Furniture Technician Jobs 44 daily
Aug 28 2020 CCJN906 M & E Supervisor Supervising Jobs,M&E drawings Jobs, M&E stock inventory Jobs, Plumbing and sanitary work, M&E operations Jobs 2700 monthly
Aug 28 2020 CJN905 Furniture Technician Furniture Designing Jobs,Technical architect Jobs,Technician Jobs,Repaired and maintenance Jobs,Furniture Technician Jobs 40 daily
Aug 28 2020 CCJN904 Furniture Carpenter Furniture Designing Jobs,Carpentering work,Repaired and maintenance Jobs,Furniture carpentry work,Carpenter and scaffolder working,Carpentry drawings Jobs 42 daily
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